ETUDE HOUSE Honey Cera Treatment Lip Oil


A hydrating lip treatment oil that enriched with superior lip conditioners to heal cracked, chapped lips. (7ml)

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*Product Details:
• Contains Honey, Royal Jelly & Ceramide to nourish & moisturize lips
• Blended with 98% conditioning oil to smooth & plump
• Leaves and creates healthy shine, younger-looking & soft lips

*How to use:
Dab a small amount onto your lips. Apply throughout the day when nourishment is needed. (Can be used over lip makeup)

1. Use as a sleeping pack: Apply a thick layer, it will soften your lip while you sleeping. No need to rinse off next morning.
2. Lip scrub: Mix with black sugar or your favorite facial scrub and gently massage with fingers. Rinse off with water & follow with any lipcare products for the best results.