Etude House Double Lasting Skin Master Brush

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A high quality synthetic brush perfectly matches with Double Lasting Foundation. Helps achieve a seamless airbrushed complexion with ease. (55g)

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<Skin Master>
• Over 300,000 brush hair perfectly smooths skin texture and covers flaws & pores, dense brush hair improves the adherence of foundation to skin
• Handy size, easy to carry

*How to use:
1. Place the brush closely onto skin and evenly apply a foundation in a gentle circular motion.
2. Hold the brush up straight and apply on the face in a tapping motion to express long-lasting adhering makeup.

<Foundation Brush>
The brush increases the adherence of the foundation by applying it thinly and evenly on the skin.

*How to use:
1. Dispense the foundation on the white upper side of the brush.
2. Gently apply the foundation in the direction of the skin texture.
3. Applying in a tapping motion while holding the brush in an upright position increases the adherence of the foundation to the skin without leaving any brush marks.