Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Shaper
Dr. Jart+ Liftra Contour Shaper

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Product type: Body & Tools

Vendor: Dr. Jart+

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A massage roller for visibly lifting, sculpting, and defining facial contours by providing physical stimulation.

*Product Details:
• Features a 150° angle designed to fit a variety of facial shapes - comfortably helping lift the look of saggy & droopy facial lines
• Helps relax the muscles, support natural blood circulation, strengthen elasticity of saggy facial muscles
• Roller's micro curves formed with several lines, maximize the massage effect and 
chrome coating that minimizes skin irritation
• This lightweight, handy-sized tool can be used as a massage roller on other body parts, such as neck, arms and legs

*How to use:

1. Facial line: gently roll and lift from your chin to your earlobes.
2. Cheek and eye areas: gently roll and lift from your cheekbones to your temples.
3. Neck line: gently roll up and down from your shoulders to your neck and earlobes.