CNP Anti-pore Black Head Clear Kit


This 2-step mask dissolves black heads by absorbing dirt oil from pores and cleansing clogged pores. It improves the overall appearance and texture of the skin. (2.5ml/3ml)

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*Product Details:
• Step 1 mask gently removes the black heads with no physical stimulation, CNP’s patented Anti-irritant Complex reduces skin irritation, making it suitable for sensitive skin
• Step 2 is a powerful pore tightening mask that contains Witch Hazel Extract & Zinc PCA to control sebum and minimize the appearance of pores
• The natural ingredients soften & gently dissolve black heads, and soothe & moisturize the skin after black head removal

*This kit contains:
• Step-1 mask (Black head & Sebum care) - 2.5ml * 4ea
• Step-2 mask (Minimizing & Soothing) - 3ml * 4ea
• Cleaning Cotton Swap (8ea)
• Anti-pore Minimizing Cealer (5ml)

*How to use:
(Tip! Before using, warm the skin on the nose area with a steamed towel to open up pores)
1. Apply step-1 mask to the cleansed & toned face, leave on for 10~15mins.
2. Remove mask and gently wipe with enclosed cotton swap on the nose.
3. Apply step-2 mask for 5~10mins and remove. (Store this step-2 mask for 5mins in the fridge before using for better results)
4. Gently pat on the remaining essence.