CLIO Tinted Tatoo Kill Brow XP

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An innovative 2-in-1 brow pen & cara that helps build natural to bold brows. 2 times stronger than Kill Brow Tinted Tattoo and upgraded design for delicate, precise eyebrow look.

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*Product Details:
• The marker pen delivers a temporary tattoo finish and the brow mascara adds volume to sparse brows
• Upgraded tip & brush design to impart optimum control and precision
• 2 times stronger self-tanning effect with a pigment free formula
• Formulated with Cross Combination Network Film for water/sweat-proof wear
• Creates sleek, defined eyebrows with powerful lasting effect

*How to use:
1. At night, apply to clean & dry face. Outline brow using tattoo pen and fill in sparse areas.
(Start applying at the brow arch if you have angled brows. For flat brows, start at the lower brow line. Reapply for the stronger effect.)
2. Next morning, add color your brows using brow mascara.
3. Comb through brows to perfectly blend for a natural yet defined look.
(Keep applying the tattoo pen for 2~3days for long-lasting effect)

*Special set contains 'Brow Tattoo Lasting Gel Pencil'*