CLIO Pro Single Face

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A blush that formulated with ultrafine pearly particles to give you a three-dimensional look with a subtle radiant glow. (4g)

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*Product Details:
• A soft, air-light texture gives a truly professional-quality finish
• Glides smoothly on skin and absorbs sweat & sebum with spherical powder particles
• The double-coated powder clings tightly to keep fresh, vibrant look for all day
• A coral pink(No.03) that offers you a glowing, youthful-looking complexion
• A shimmery rose gold(No.07) that looks luxurious on every skin tone

*How to use:
1. Using a blush brush. Sweep in a circular motion for an innocent girly flush. (No Blending)
2. Apply the blush vertically to create a three-dimensional look. (Shimmer Rose)