CLIO Kill Cover Founwear Cushion XP (Limited Edition)

$40.00 $50.00

CLIO's original Kill Cover Cushion made more powerful. Powder particles of varied sizes provide smooth full coverage with zero clumping. (15g*2, 2018 Play MyMy Collection)

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*Product Details:
• A multi-functional cushion foundation that protects from UV rays, evens out skin tone and improves the look of fine lines & wrinkles
• Air Touch powders deliver velvety finish and helps maintain light freshness all day
• Ultra fine spherical powders & gel create a thin layer of perfect coverage
• Provides excellent lasting power (up to 48hrs) while oil-trapping powders prevent oxidization & greasy shine

*How to use:
1. Apply light pressure to the cushion to release the perfect amount of foundation and gently pat the puff onto the skin. Reapply for desired coverage.
2. Close the inner lid tightly after use to preserve freshness.

* Utem Option:
• #003 Linen
• #004 Ginger
• #005 Sand (original Case)