Celltrion Skincure PM 2.5 Block Cleanser


A low-irritant, one-step cleanser that removes makeup residue, fine dust and impurities, making the skin look clear and radiant with full hydration. (300ml)

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*Product Details:
• A mild, one-step cleanser formulated with plant-derived ingredients
• Gel-to-foam transforming formula thoroughly cleanses by absorbing impurities deep inside pores
• Effervescent foam generated without using water gently melts makeup without irritation
• Leaves skin hydrated and soothed after cleansing

*How to use:
1. Pump 2~3 times onto palms and evenly apply to entire face, avoiding eye area & lips
2. Gently massage to dry skin and leave for a while until foam generates.
3. Massage with foam for 1~2 mins and rinse off thoroughly.