AHC 365 Red Serum


Antioxidant-rich serum that formulated with Egyptian Red Hibiscus Flower Extract to protect the skin from free radical damage while providing full anti-aging benefits. (50ml)

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*Product Details:
• A cocktail of special aesthetic skincare ingredients, including anti-oxidant enzymes(SOD), idebenone, hyaluronic acid, probiotics and vitamins C & E take care of various skin concerns
• Hibiscus Flower Extract(69%), containing Anthocyanin and Vt. B12 help soothe skin and deliver a healthy radiance-boosting skin
• Infused with Omega 3,6,9 oil to nourish and provide deep moisturization
• Helps improve skin's moisture level, wrinkles & uneven skin tone

*How to use:
1. Apply to cleansed & toned face. Dispense an appropriate amount, apply evenly over entire face, and lightly dab until absorbed.
2. Follow with moisturizer.

*Quick Comparison:

'Super Energy Serum(season2) is enriched with Hibiscus Flower Extract(73%) and contains Super Propolis (Artepilin C - patented AHC's formula, derived from Honey Bee) to increase moisturization & antioxidants, and 365 Red Serum(season 1) has Allantoin - excellent soothing ingredient.