AGE 20's Essence Cover Pact Refill (Season 6)
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Collections: Cushions & Foundations

Product type: Cushion and Foundation

Vendor: Others

Tags: foundation pact



An essence cover foundation pact formulated with Hyaluronic Acid & Fermented Essence for moisturizing skin while wearing. (12.5g, Refill Only)

*Product Details:
• Enriched with 68% skincare essence to hold optimal moisture
• Contains EGF to restore skin's elasticity and help recover skin damage
• Delivers excellent coverage with patented triple cover powder system
• Strongly protects skin from UV rays & controls excess sebum
• Anti-wrinkle & whitening functional product

*How to use:
Apply a small amount with enclosed puff, starting in the center of face and blend outward until the desired coverage is achieved.

*How to change a refill:
1. Open the refill and press the lid down gently using the principle leverage. (Do not press hard to prevent damage)
2. While holding the inner refill cap, gently lift up the refill body by pulling up. (Easily separate)
3. Place a new refill until hearing the clicking sound.