Verite Alice Cushion vs Laneige PlayNoMore BB Cushion

Verite Alice Cushion vs Laneige PlayNoMore BB Cushion

Cushion foundations are great for on the go, and are extremely convenient, very easy to use and great for touch ups. I found that once addicted to cushions it is difficult to go back to other matte & powdery products because nothing else creates a similar type of dewy + glowing effect.

Today, here is some information I’d like to share about Verite Cushion LX & Laneige Playnomore BB Cushion. After using only a week or so, here are my comparisons based on my experiences - if any changes, I will update^^

Here are the brands standards information and I added some which I've tested. Color tones and long-lasting results may differ depends on where you live & my camera setting. I guess you all can see the difference and it will help to make your choice.


 Both have quite good sebum-control but shine comes up after 3~4 hrs (I think every cushion has the same issue), however both products held well all day long without needing touching-up. From the table, "Verite" long-lasting effect refers to coverage hold - doesn't stay between the wrinkle, just covers well.

Next, color comparisons: I have a results for both plus IOPE RX coushion. It's slightly different between yellow base and pink base. If you can't see it please check next picture. (This picture is more for coverage.) Pretty much incredible coverage and definitely buildable.

One more picture for color (tone) check.

Just a reminder, I did put "IOPE" too much on the paper and it turned out bit oily. All I can tell is IOPE products has more moisture than others and it's good for dry skin & dewy look as well as in a cold weather. I will check if anybody wants to know^^;;

To sum up, great satisfaction as much as a brand quilty. Starting from package design to great coverage, sufficient moisture to comfortable wear and long-lasting power. Love these Special Edition!!

And if anybody heard about new collection in both brands, new holiday edition just came out so we can see so soon in our store. (Please note that Verite Holiday Edition is available early Dec. in Korea)

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