What kind of Beauty do you want to have - Flawless Beauty Queen or Chic Trendsetter?

What kind of Beauty do you want to have - Flawless Beauty Queen or Chic Trendsetter?

Even if You just want to level-up your look. Here are the lastest CLIO & Peripera's beauty products to help you.

They are so cute and the little alchemy style drooper bottle you may want to keep. It's not the design that I love but their qualities - very fine and intense makeup. If you try peri's ink, you can feel that it is bit dry later on, but it stains well on your lips. - dry lips can look stunning though as summer is almost here. If you don't like dry lips, lip balm & touch of lipgloss are other options.
Watch out for the Peri's upgrade version - "Ink moist"

Here are two examples of easy & fast secrets - Just copy Sohyun's Look or Hyojin's Look.

<Flawless Beauty Queen - Sohyun's Look>
Say good-bye to selfie apps and filters. Peri's Ink series can create a total beauty queen!

[Item No.1] Peri's Ink Drop BB - Flawless & long-lasting makeup with a single drop
: Soft, light and perfect makeup all day long. Soothes and covers skin without irritation

[Item No.2] Peri's Ink - Let your lips be drenched in rich colored ink.
: Powerful than lipstick, highly pigmented ink with light texture. No embarrassing front teeth - absorbs well without smudging

[Item No.3] Salon De Cara Mascara - Made with French Salon Volume know-how
: Perfectly set the volume and waterproof film coats the lashes like a manicure. Mini cylindrical roller brush volumizes your lashes from the root to the top

<Chic Trendsetter - HyoJin's Look>
Apply makeup like a professional celebrity makeup artist. Quick, simple & easy!

[Item No.1] CLIO Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow - Perfectly Tinted Eyebrows
:One-touch eyebrows that look so real, long-lasting tattoo effect and natural-looking eyebrows

[Item No.2] Stay Shine Lip Syrup Stick - A groundbreaking 2015 new product
: CLIO's latest innovative lip syrup texture that gently glides over the lips and adheres like a magnet

[Item No.3] Water me Please BB - Natural Coverage, long-lasting darkening prevention BB
:Selected by Korea's Blind Beauty Contest - "Get It Beauty" as the best BB for correcting skin tone. Gives instant hydration & improves skin elasticity

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