Still can't make a decision what product need to buy?

Still can't make a decision what product need to buy?

Here are some quick reviews about our top 3 'high-end + advanced' cleansing products - I'm sure you will love 'Sulwhasoo gentle cleansing foam' if you have the budget - and I'm here to give some tips to help you making a choice (even though I'm not qualified beautician, I’m a customer just like you).

1. Max Clinic Caviar Massage Oil Foam:
It's an oil to foam reversal cleanser, making cleansing easier and adding the extra step of a massage.
Doesn't need to pre-cleanse because it removes dirt & makeup completely - if you are not using the brush it won’t 100% cleanse.

First time I didn't use 'max clinic brush', used a 'Swanicoco brush' instead. Maybe that's the reason it didn't foam well - if you watch the video, it generates huge foam - anyway, bit disappointing, however it does clean well and feels soft after cleansing, smells nice too. You may feel that a residue is left on the face but it's just the feeling so just leave it as it preserves the skin's natural barrier.

Another reason I like this product, I’m kind of a lazy person, so I’m happy if things going faster and this is exactly what I aim for. I recommend this as a second cleanser - just remove Lip & Eye makeup first and then use this, unless cleansing with Max Clinic Brush.

Extra tip: dispense 2~3 pumps on your palms and massage it onto your dry face. Then wet your hands and continue massaging until it foams up.

2. HERA Silky Mousse Cleanser:
This is the new product in HERA cleansing line, and kind of pricy. Recently Lancôme launched the same type of cleanser so it must be working well.
Common thing between the two is they both removes light makeup & impurities so need to double cleanse (if you haven't read about double cleansing here is the link) Click!

Digging more, this product has rich & creamy foam like a whipping cream and softens skin. It could be a morning cleanser or as I mentioned earlier, definitely second step cleanser. Good thing is that it's gentle on the face and leaves skin supple without any tightness. The smell is feminine & perfumy but not too strong – all I can say is it’s an effective & mild cleanser with luxurious rich foam and enjoyable to cleanse with - Worth a try and if you're not sure we have a travel size so why not!

Extra Tip: Formulated with micro-foam which helps stimulate blood circulation, recover skin firmness and works well in deep pores - roll around the skin for about 20 seconds until foam subsides and then wash the face with lukewarm water.

3. Chosungah Lemon Energy Cleansing Serum:
This product has granules but it's so soft you do not notice  and it has light peppermint smell. This product also all-in-one cleanser so no need to pre-cleanse.
The thing I really like about this product- after putting on the face, it starts creating bubbles which cover the entire face (please check the picture below). 

The fine bubbles don't tingle(hmm..maybe little bit, it's like a bubble mask) but doesn't irritate the skin, just helps to massage thoroughly and enhance the cleansing effect.
I used an electric device because I have been a long-time ‘Chosungah's fan and it ended up working really well (we don't have multi-devices as in the image on product page as they are expensive at about $70.)

Extra Tips: A clinical study on the effect of ‘Lemon Energy Serum’ shows that- in pore, sebum, corneous, skin brightness, skin freshing and skin texture improvement. And we offer free cleansing sponge to maximize results, so don't miss the chance~!!

Overall, all these products are worth trying, the only difference is type of texture and scents. We have samples - caviar samples are sold out but 'vitamin cleanser sample' will definitely help in making your choice. If you don't have extremely sensitive skin, you may enjoy finding your own most suitable product for your skin.

**Don't let your face dry after cleansing - seal immediately afterwards with a toner or spray mist. This kind of daily habit will change your skin remarkably.^0^

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