Experience a new texture foundation – “Chosungah Amfit Foundation”

Experience a new texture foundation – “Chosungah Amfit Foundation”

Chosungah's another ideal product - capsule foundation, it's sounds enough to get my attention to the product… or is it just me?^^;;
Anyway as soon as I got this product I couldn't wait to try it so I opened it …. 30 capsules in the black glass container just like this picture.
Each capsule is tiny (0.4g) but it's enough to cover my entire face. First time, I twisted the stalk, the product went all over my nails - let's be honest, right? - but I'm getting better just like Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules , and it's now kind of fun. twist & twist....^^

When I put it on my palm, it has still particle oils with foundation - Don't be shocked… it's just the type of formula and will not make your face oily…. and I guess it's all kinds of foundation just packed into a bottle. How fresh! …. and that's the concept of Creative Director Chosunga has…. It’s now used internationally by makeup artists.

One more fact…. the oil nourishment which is main ingredients of foundations, can be easily oxidized, so this capsule design keeps it fresh which helps to instantly spread over the face…. good for dry skin and in cold weather too.

If you are interested in makeup or for something new why not try it? You may realize how makeup is fun and can be enjoyable everyday. Samples are available already so please add to your cart along with your other purchases to enjoy~

Additional Information:
1. Do not use your nails to tear it off, lightly twist the stalk 1~2 times then squeeze the lower part of the capsule.
2. A good quality puff is suitable for “Amfit Foundation”, it fits perfectly…. light patting a few times presents a clear covering showing an even & soft skin texture.

 These are the comparisons I've tested with cushion foundation. You can see that Amfit Foundation has enough stickiness just like Laneige BB Cushion. Please note I put on manually & random numbers of glitters which stuck really well.^^

Check textures on my skin, Amfit Foundation doesn't really make the face(skin) oily and maybe little bit oiler than any other BB cream. If you have tried Laneige Snow BB Cream, it blends well - like a moisturizer, however the Amfit Foundation contains particles of oil so it can be rich but it absorbes quickly.

The differences between Laneige BB Cushion and Amfit Foundation -the texture looks similar and both have enough dewyness. Amfit Foundation has more of a  yellow tone base (you may not noticed in this picture). You can use it with cushion foundation but note what kinds of moisturizer you are using. It can double up the moist level.

One last thing, if you are sensitive to scents (even though disappears quickly), I would recommend 'C&T Blender'. It has the same function and a milder, fresh scent than the Amfit Foundation - the colors are more natural on your skin just like other brands' foundation.

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