Have you tried animal mask yet? It's a must have item!

Have you tried animal mask yet? It's a must have item!

The latest buzzword in skincare is masks. Masks are essentially an at-home facial treatment with a variety of ingredients and formats - they do everything from nourishing & hydrating to deep cleansing – their designs & materials are advanced for getting better results and satisfaction for users. The competition is extremely high so it's kind of a battle to get idea patented first.

Since SNP animal masks were launched worldwide, lots of cosmetic companies are putting money & effort into this type of project.
Here are latest products from 'BRTC' and 'The Saem',,,,,aren't they adorable? ,,,,now in store and have a little fun while pampering.


These Animal Masks comes in 3~4 different types: Anti-wrinkle, Deep Moisture, Soothing and Brightening. The animal theme is not only for naming each of the different characters but you actually get sheet masks with different benefits. Also, they are tested for skin irritation&ink safety just like baby dipers.

You probably know how to use the mask, but just to make sure for any first time users^^;;

*Plus: Upcoming product which hasn't been released yet but already in the media ,,,,the cutting-edge 3D mask pattern from 'Niveola'. Once available we will get them here. Enjoy your pampering time!


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