The Best Winter-Time Face Washes

The Best Winter-Time Face Washes
The Best Winter-Time Face Washes

As the temperatures drop, your skin loses about 25 percent of its ability to hold moisture in the winter months.
Leslie Baumann, professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, recommends the cleansing oils. "Oil cleansers are great in the winter because they don't strip the natural oils from your skin; they just break down dirt and makeup."

But, how many products are out there?  And some of them are so expensive, and it is worth to buy?

If you look at articles from well-known blogs, information is vague and still confusing.     For example, S Brand cleansing oil which costs $90 US, even, contains mineral oil (Most harmful when poorly refined) and parabens etc.. I know it feels good when you use it, but it has more chemicals added.

With a busy lifestyle, it sure may seem overwhelming to think of adding more things to watch out for on top of our existing concerns. 
I do understand this perspective, however, you have the right to know what product we are using and spending much money to buy it may not work just for you.

My skin, especially in the cheek region, gets drier in the winter, so I like to use something soothing and gentle. There is something more, completely remove all dirt and impurities without losing skin moisture. As a busy career woman, also need time saving.

I am proud to say I found this product to sell here. The market is quite limited in Asia and some parts of America; still growing and much more, these items have huge potential and already showing evidence in South Korea with 8 million sold so far, and LOHAS certified product 2 years in a row.

If you wish to try, I am happy to send a sample, so please email me or fill out our contact form.

Thanks for reading, happy cleansing~!!

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